A Guide to Getting Office Cleaning Services during the Pandemic…

This year has proven to be undoubtedly one of the most difficult for many businesses. While some employers allow their employees to do their jobs from home, many others are still required to make a physical appearance in the facility to keep things afloat. It is especially critical in this moment in time to have a commercial cleaning company regularly service your facility. As winter approaches and people start spending more time indoors with each other, the spread of germs begins to increase enormously. With the cold winter season coming and additional cases on the rise, employers must be wary in protecting their employees throughout their facility. Have no fear, there are a few basic ways employers can effectively keep their employees safe in the workplace throughout the dreaded flu and winter season.

The most obvious first step is to start by hiring a commercial cleaning company. Unfortunately, throughout this pandemic, we have learned that COVID-19 can live and multiply inside of a person’s body for up to two weeks before even showing signs of infection. The most simple yet effective way to combat and control a virus spreading throughout the workplace is through regular disinfection and sanitization services. AJ Services has been providing regularly scheduled cleaning services to businesses for over 20 years, all ranging from 7x a week to 2x a month. Usually, the higher the frequency, the lower your chances of spreading germs and virus’ throughout the building are. Throughout the pandemic our company has prioritized High Touch Area Disinfection, including, but not limited to: disinfecting light switches, door handles, keyboards, phones, kitchen appliance handles, etc. Larger facilities would also benefit from requesting day porter services to continuously disinfect these high touch areas throughout the day for maximum efficiency. 

Not only are regular cleaning services important in keeping employees safe, but so are extra services such as carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, and deep cleanings. The winter season significantly damages carpeted and tiled facilities because of the amount of mud and salt people track inside from the harsh outside weather. Carpet cleaning services are beneficial during Flu seasons and even the pandemic because it not only revives the overall appearance of an area, but it tackles germs hiding deep within the fibers of the carpet for an extra clean affect. AJ Services also provides floor refinishing services with top quality waxing products that repent germs, for that extra added protection. Scheduling a monthly deep cleaning service can benefit your facility as well because this is the type of service that would cover the entire facility from top to bottom, ensuring everything has been disinfected and sanitized. 

One of the most important things to consider as an employer if employees are present in the building is that a positive COVID-19 case is possible or even bound to happen. In order to combat the dreaded news of an employee reportedly testing positive, it is important to have a cleaning company on call to offer deep office cleaning services as soon as possible, in order to return to operations as quick as possible. AJ Services provides the most effective COVID-19 deep cleaning, utilizing of ULV Foggers that are proven to be the best method in combatting this virus. 

While these services are specifically targeted towards office buildings, they still apply to all commercial facilities such as schools, dealerships, churches, bowling alleys, etc. Not only are these services important to perform regularly throughout the pandemic, but on a regular basis throughout the year they can improve employee productivity and amount to less sick days. Tis’ the season to be responsible and amp up the cleaning services your facility requires in order to provide a safe space for both visitors and employees.

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