4 Crucial Floor Cleaning Services Your Commercial Facility Needs!

4 Crucial Floor Cleaning Services Your Building Needs

Maintaining all levels of flooring is crucial to the success of your business, whether it be VCT or ceramic tile, carpet, concrete in a warehouse, or your buildings sidewalks and entrances. After all, the appearance of your facility is the first thing employees and visitors see when they enter your workplace, and a first impression could make or break the reputation of your business. Not only does regular floor maintenance ensure that your buildings appearance is pleasant to your employees as well as visitors, it ensures that you get the most out of your flooring for a long, long time. AJ Services has over 20 years of experience in maintaining all sorts of business’ floors, ranging from office buildings, to dealerships, to medical buildings and schools, etc.

Service No. 1: Stripping and Refinishing Tile Floor

Tile floors are one of the most important type of flooring that require regular Stripping and Refinishing Maintenance. Without regular maintenance ranging from every 6 months to yearly, these floors are susceptible to becoming dirty, dull, and stained in no time. Eventually these floors become an eye sore, and if the lack of upkeep is dragged on so long, the damage is irreversible. At some point you will have to replace all the tile, which can be more costly than regularly maintaining it. AJ Services provides Stripping and Refinishing Services for all businesses with VCT tiles as well as ceramic floor tiles. 

However, in order to know the importance of regularly maintaining waxed floors, it helps to know the process behind it. To start off, the wax protects the bare tile from all of nature’s elements, such as mud, co-workers dragging items, spillages, etc. As the year goes on and the floor journeys through the seasons, such as the winter time which is the most damaging, the wax slowly becomes dull and turns yellow, making the floor lose its shine. At this point it is important to strip the tile of the old wax, and apply new wax for a fresh, beautiful shine. One way to keep your facilities floors shiny until the next Stripping and Refinishing Maintenance is by having your Commercial Cleaning Company regularly burnish and polish the wax throughout the year. 

Service No. 2: Carpet Shampooing

Some businesses have tiled floors, while others have carpeted. However, while both require regular maintenance, carpets are harder to keep clean throughout the year versus tile. This is because mud and salt tracked inside throughout the winter and spring months is harder to clean due to the constant staining that sets into the carpet. Businesses that have a Professional Cleaning Company perform regular cleaning services can keep tile clean by regularly mopping the area, however, you cannot simply vacuum stains out of a carpet. Therefore, keeping up with regular Carpet Shampooing maintenance, ranging from every 6 months to yearly, can keep your business’ carpets looking fresh. 

AJ Services provides Carpet Shampooing Services that go deep down into the fibers of the carpet, to not only clean it but remove any allergens, sicknesses, and odors that have been trapped inside throughout the year. In the long run, regularly shampooing your carpet extends its’ life, saving your business money in the future by not having to replace it.

Service No. 3: Concrete Floor Scrubbing

Many office buildings are attached to warehouses that require regular maintenance as well. Though not usually included in the regular cleaning schedule provided by Commercial Cleaning Companies, every few months the warehouse floor needs to be scrubbed. The warehouse is almost always the dirtiest area in the building, so regular maintenance is necessary. Although visitors don’t usually enter the warehouse, it is important to regularly scrub a warehouse and provide it with the regular maintenance it needs in order to improve employee productivity and safety. The buildup of dirt and dust pose a huge safety risk for anyone in the warehouse using a machine or even walking from area to area.

Service No. 4: Pressure Washing

When it comes to first impressions, curb appeal is key. And while the interior is oftentimes regarded as the most important area to keep clean, the sidewalks and entrances of your building play a big role for your business as well. AJ Services provides Professional Pressure Washing Services to remove years of dirt build up on sidewalks and restore them to their natural color. However, regular power washing services don’t just remove dirt build up, they also remove stains, chewing gum, mold, oil, and mildew. Not only does this help the appearance, but it also improves the safety of your facility and provides a welcoming entrance ensuring a positive first impression for your visitors. 

I hope it was a good read!

— Joe.

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