Winter Season Challenges in your Commercial Building | AJ Services – Chicago, IL

The way your business presents itself to visitors matters all year round, revolving around every season of the year. While summer allows easier maintenance, winter is nothing in comparison. Many factors play a role in making the winter season the most challenging of all when it comes to keeping your workplace safe and clean, both inside and outside. The snow mixed with salt equaling a slushy mixture creates an unsafe and challenging trip to get to your office building, and it also gets tracked inside all over the floors, making them look dirty and unfriendly. Not only is the appearance of your workplace affected, but winter is the prime cold and flu season. AJ Services has the experience like no other commercial cleaning company servicing commercial buildings during the harshest winter seasons, fighting hygiene and appearance cleanliness. 

In the winter, no floor is safe from the salt. Not carpet, VCT tile, marble, wood, or any type of flooring. The salt being tracked inside onto the carpet creates white stains that are impossible to get rid of with a vacuum, and need extra services done such as carpet shampooing. The chemicals in salt mixed with certain types of cleaning chemicals produce streaks in the floors that are very hard to get rid of, which ruin the floor and often times lead to extra services that need to be done such as top scrubbing or stripping and waxing in the spring season. Salt being tracked into the building not only causes the need of more frequent services, but it poses a much higher risk of employees getting hurt because of slips and falls. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to perform regular cleaning services during the winter months that tackle these problems extend the life of your building, as well as result in less harsh remedies needed in the spring season with spring cleaning. 

Another one of the biggest problems during the winter season associated with salt and the outdoors that most people may not realize is the dust that comes from the salt that dries once it is tracked inside. This supports our earlier point about frequency of services increasing due to these added factors. The dust rises and settles on all horizontal surfaces, especially ones used on a daily basis such as monitors, keyboards, counter tops, etc. and cause allergies to ensue throughout the building. Not only is dust a problem, but so are germs and bacteria. In order to avoid flu outbreaks during the winter season, AJ Services has developed a comprehensive disinfection plan to ensure no surface is left untouched. Areas ranging from the entrance, to door knobs, to offices, kitchens, and bathrooms, no area is left behind. Our company focuses on maintaining the high quality health and safety of employees, as well as visitors. 

Window cleaning in the winter months is also highly encouraged within regular cleaning services, for both professionalism as well as efficiency. Windows tend to get dirtier in the winter months as opposed to other months, and this can bring a dull light into the office space. By washing windows regularly in the winter season you let more sunlight and heat into the office, which can save you money on electricity, as well as boost employee morale and increase productivity!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial building during the winter season can be challenging, which is why you should choose AJ Services to take care of it for you! By hiring AJ Services, you can focus on what really matters in your workplace, instead of being distracted by the mess the winter season brings. Being in the business for over 20 years, our company has the skills and experience in providing these diligent winter services to a multitude of commercial facilities, ranging from office buildings to schoolsdealershipsrestaurantsvenue centersfitness centersbowling alleys, etc. 

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