Spring Cleaning 2019

Spring is a season famously known for residential owners waking up from a groggy winter, making a checklist and fulfilling it by cleaning out garages, attics, and other various rooms throughout the house. However, commercial property owners should generate a list of their own as well, to ensure their property is running at peak performance post winter months. Important items on that list should cover areas most affected because of the winter season such as window washingpressure washinghigh dusting, and floor maintenance, such as carpet shampooing and floor refinishing. Yearly spring maintenance post the harsh winter season is crucial in keeping a commercial structure strong and lasting for many, many years. Winter storms not only weaken a commercial structure, but they ruin the facade of it. AJ Services has the solution to all those problems. 

            Blizzards throughout the winter cover windows with snow and leave them coated with a filthy film in the spring months. This also means your building isn’t getting the maximum amount of natural light that it can because of the dirt and grime. However, don’t count on the rain storms in the spring to make them look any better. Regular window washing is encouraged to amplify the facade of a commercial building greatly in the springtime, when the trees and flowers all around are in bloom. By hiring AJ Services to provide you with all your Window Washing needs, clean windows will also enhance your business’ reputation by giving visitors a positive first opinion. After all, first impressions matter. Not only that, it will likely brighten the entire office and have a positive effect on employees moods, encouraging a more productive workplace.

            In addition to windows being a part of your business’ facade, sidewalks play a big role in it as well. Sidewalks definitely take a beating from the winter months combined with a buildup of salt and other debris, as well as concrete deterioration, so it is beneficial to power wash it all away for the spring season. AJ Services – Commercial Cleaning Company provides professional Power Washing Services that cover every last detail. Pressure washing can also drastically change the facade of a commercial structure by making it feel like a brand new building as well as appear more professional and well kempt. 

            The salt from the outside during winter months also strongly impacts the flooring on the interior of the building. Salt is carried on through shoes to every part of the office. Salt mixed with the wet snow causes mud tracks to run all over and through the office that a regular vacuum cleaner and mop bucket just can’t handle, especially if there are no regular cleaning services being done throughout the winter. The winter months cause excessive wear and tear on all types of flooring, causing a dulling and stained appearance, and potentially causing long term damage if left untreated. With AJ Services professional Carpet Shampooing, we leave no trace of salt or mud, ensuring a fresh and clean carpet for the new season. Our professional Floor Refinishing helps polish up the floors and rid them of excess salt that cause unnecessary stains and streaks. Spring is the perfect season for all your flooring maintenance, as it not only provides that extra level of clean, it extends the floor life for years to come.

            Not only does the appearance of your workplace matter, health does as well. Spring time is the best time to tackle all the hard to reach dusting, especially in high areas, such as beams, light fixtures, tops of doors, etc. Our High Dusting Services prove multiple benefits in the workplace such as improving performance of your HVAC systems to reducing allergens that cause illnesses in the work place, resulting in less sick days.

            All these services combined brighten the overall appearance of a commercial property and freshen everything up for the spring season. Not only does yearly spring cleaning and maintenance provide a professional, welcoming, and pleasant appearance, it keeps the building at peak performance for the rest of the year. 


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