Outsource Janitorial Services


Are you too busy focusing on your businesses well-being and reputation to interview handfuls of people applying for a janitorial position? Leave it up to us! All it takes is one meeting, a walk through, and you could have a full cleaning staff within a week. Outsourcing your janitorial needs to our company helps your business protect its reputation by keeping it clean, fresh, and comfortable for anyone who visits. 

Why is Outsourcing Better?

Outsourcing will prove to reduce your company’s work load, as well as save you big bucks. When you hire a cleaning company, you have more time to focus on duties the staff in your business have to take care of. The cleaning company takes care of the building you work in. This includes taking care of things like cleaning crews, cleaning standards, as well as supplies and equipment. When it comes to staffing issues, AJ Services saves you the time and money it takes to recruit, screen, hire, train, and manage employees. As a cleaning company, we provide everything, from A to Z, necessary in order to perform the right cleaning tasks to save you even more time and money, by not having to train crews, as well as not having to dish out tons of money on cleaning equipment.

Our company is dedicated entirely to cleaning, so hiring a cleaning company that has years of experience to clean your building versus employing separate workers means a noticeable difference in the cleaning quality. That being said, AJ Services has been in business for over 20 years, so we have a few notches on our belt. For example, instead of hiring a separate company to do things like strip and wax floors, shampoo carpets, or clean windows, you get everything done within our cleaning company. We handle all the building maintenance any facility needs to reduce time, hassle, and costs on other needs. 

As a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company, we pride ourselves in servicing the following, but not limited to:


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