Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Services

As a Professional Cleaning Company servicing customers for over 20 years, we take pride in providing our customers with only the most environmentally friendly solutions when cleaning any place of business. According to independent studies, green cleaning is linked to a more productive workplace with less sick day absences, which is something theoretically every workplace strives for.

Going green is about the steps we take to better our environment as a whole, so we work with our customers to discuss what steps could be taken to provide environmentally friendly services; with actions as easy as throwing paper in designated recycling bins, and soda cans and bottles in their respectful bins, making a big difference in the environment. Certain restaurants we work with contain compost bins in their kitchens and bathrooms which definitely help promote a healthy environment. Every facility type has its own requirements for green cleaning, and at AJ Services we train crews to be able to fully comply with any area.

Most cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and human health. We use all natural cleaning products that don’t release harmful toxins into the air affecting us humans and the rest of the environment. For example, if desktops at schools are cleaned with bleach products, it could greatly affect students assigned to the desks in a negative way. Instead, we endorse using a natural product. We utilize microfiber products that collect dust and dirt, instead of moving it around from one place to another.

At AJ Services we are committed to providing services to the highest standards, in a way that not only leaves customers 100% satisfied, but helps our planet out as well. We train our crews to throw trash away in their appropriate dumpsters, as well as using the correct products to clean all different parts of a workplace such as washrooms, offices, restaurants, kitchens, bowling alleys, etc.

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~Joe / AJ Services

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