#1 Janitorial Services

#1 Janitorial Services in Chicago


As a national janitorial service cleaning company for over 20 years, AJ Services has created a high reputation for itself, servicing all types of facilities all over the USA. From office buildings, to restaurants, to churches, we clean it all while helping promote a healthy work environment for employees and customers.

Although we specialize in office cleaning, we have experience in many other areas as well. For example, areas completely opposite of the office environment such as restaurants. Restaurants require a different scope of cleaning than offices, and at AJ Services we have crews trained to do both.

Schools are another area we have specialized crews in. With the amount of people walking through a facility such as a school on a daily basis, AJCS ensures to sanitize the building free of germs for the following day.

The cleanliness of a dealership plays a big role in its reputation. Customers who experience walking into a dealership with dirty floors, unwashed windows, or disgusting bathrooms may not think highly of the franchise, therefore not returning and giving the business their time of day. AJCS has undergone many years of working with dealerships and leaving them in pristine conditions to welcome future customers.

As a reliable and reputable national janitorial service cleaning company, AJ Services ensures to make your office, restaurant, school, church, dealership or any other facility spotless. By utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products and training our crews to be able to clean any sort of area, we deliver quality cleaning services to the highest standards.

AJCS provides a free quote and same day walkthrough of any facility type by just the click of a button. Visit us online at quote.ajservices.us to fill out our FREE Quote Form or call 877-59-CLEAN to schedule a walkthrough.

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